Yisheng Development

We are a investor, real estate project developer and asset manager. With more than a decade of development experience in the Netherlands and more than 25 years of experience in China, we have built a vast network and profound knowledge. Guided by our belief that the Netherlands offers an attractive and secure investment market, we have decided years back to establish a lasting presence in the Netherlands with ambitious investment goals.

We are firm believers in the strength derived from forging bonds with local partners. Through persistent pursuit of renewal and innovation, we strive to surpass expectations in every project and process, with a dedicated focus on creating sustainable developments that consistently enhance the ecological, social, and urban landscape.


 Yisheng operates at three levels of business activities:  Investor, real estate project development and asset management.


As a hands-on real estate investor with an enduring presence in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, we continuously pursue ambitious ventures. With a strategic focus on our own development projects, we are dedicated to expanding our diverse and thriving project portfolio.

Real Estate Project Development

We take great pride in being forward-thinking real estate developers committed to introducing unique concepts to the community. Our diverse development portfolio spans a broad spectrum, including both residential and commercial assets.

Asset Management

Our operations dedicates to manage our own portfolio of assets. We aim to consistently meet the latest quality standards. We diligently strive to meet the ever-evolving requirements of our users, ensuring the provision of a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment on a daily basis.

About Yisheng

''Yisheng'' in Chinese embodies the essence of simplicity and wisdom.

We believe in starting with the basics, tackling complex issues one step at a time. Our approach involves continuous innovation and growth, striving for excellence in all endeavors. With our solid financial foundation, we make swift decisions, adapting promptly to changing circumstances. We attribute our strength to a constant pursuit of progress, working closely with local partners to integrate our Chinese heritage into the fabric of the local community.

Our aspiration is to contribute positively to the environment and society through every project and initiative, seeking to create developments that bring lasting value to the urban landscape.